-About Jenn-

-About Jenn-

Hello Folks (: I'm a 20 year old ginger from Sedgley, West Midlands. I'm currently working as a Sales Assistant at Primark, which is as chaotic as you think! However, working in such a fast paced, accessible and affordable retail environment has provided me with the eye of spotting fabulous bargains and dupes instead of paying ridiculous amounts for pretty much the same thing. This is very ideal for me as I currently only work part time and I have to be careful on what i'm spending my cash on, and it's not very often I can splash out on luxuries so I love trying to find ways to spend less but still get a nice piece of clothing/jewellery, whatever it may be.

I'm quite old fashioned at heart, i'm a big romantic and a lover of all things old and timeless and I think that is somewhat reflected in my style. I mainly shop at charity shops and second hand stores (always a good place for a bargain!) but a bit of a sale shop at a more luxurious brand never goes a miss (for example, a £99 white chiffon topshop dress for £4.50?!) :)

A big lover of floaty dress, big chunky knits, neutral colours, chiffon, velvet, very high heels, frilly socks, layering, androgyny, natural, nail varnishes of any colour, lipstick, big curly lion hair, ginger people, reading lots, vinyl records, drawing, painting, autumn time, shopping! lace, tattoos, tea, stupid amounts of coffee, blogs!


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