Friday, 28 December 2012

Redken Review

Hello lovelies, hope you are well and good :) I thought I would try and attempt a review this evening, it's my first so go easy on me please! 
Some of us are blessed with long, glossy and healthy looking hair, I am unfortunately not one of them. Although I rarely use any heat on my hair, its naturally very curly, thus very frizzy and is not helped by the dreadlock that is growing out of the back of my head (caused by an unruly strawberry mark). Because of this I find it increasingly difficult to maintain it, make it look kept, or actually do anything to it without it resembling a birds nest. If it couldnt get any worse, I completely destroyed the ends and spilt them all to pieces by trying to define my curls by using a friends curling tongs, which are awful (Rosie, get rid of them). I decided that enough was enough and began my search for a product to change all of the above problems (I was doubtful). Now, usually, there would be a before and after photo but because my ends were that frazzled and burnt to a crisp, I don't really have any clear photographical evidence so I have to make do with the photos at the end of the post, but you get the idea (think exposed electrical wires).

Having previously had some hairdressing experience, I had heard of the Redken haircare range as you can only really buy them from haidressers and off the internet. I had heard very good things about them and after reading several reviews I knew I was on the right track to solving all my problems. "Why not get a trim?" I hear you all ask, well thats because I have been trying to grow my hair out for years now and everytime I have been for said 'trim', they've got a bit scissor happy. Because my hair was in such bad condition I searched the shelves for the 'extreme' collection which are all in the blue bottles. There are quite a few products, including extreme versions of shampoo and conditioner, two types of strength builder, extreme CAT which is a spray that reconditions hair, and finally extreme Anti Snap. After reading the reviews and information on Anti-Snap, I decided to give it a go. I paid £10 for a 250ml bottle off Amazon and at first was a little doubtful about paying so much for something I had never tested but it paid off. 

A little bit of useful information!

What it does: According to the bottle and website 'provides heat protection, reduces friction from brushing and helps prevent breakages and spilt ends.' 

Ingredients: A fortifying complex of 18-MEA (for protective shine), ceramide and protein which provides structural repair and internal strength. 

How to use: Just apply to the mid section and ends of your hair, or all over if you hair is in exceptionally bad condition. There's no need to wash it out either, as it works in the same way a leave in conditioner would. Now, it never mentions how much you should use or how often you should use it. I recommend 2-3 pumps and I use it once a week as a treat, because although the protein is good for your hair, there is a thing as too much of it and too much of it will cause it to become dry, brittle and snap off! 

The result: A must! Even after the first use my hair was noticably smoother, stronger as it didnt snap off whilst brushing, even my dreadlock had gone! It smells absolutely delightful, very fruity, and isn't heavy or sticky when applied to my hair. I would buy this over and over again and is truly worth paying a bit more for, as a little goes a very long way. It's so good that its earnt itself the title of best seller, award winner and its the professional and the peoples choice. It's definitely got my vote! 

           From left to right: Before use, after 1-3 uses, after 4-5 uses!



  1. Nice product. I wish you a happy 2013. I follow you, follow you back? xoxo

    1. Thank you, hope it's helpful :) you too! Yes of course xxx

  2. I've never tried Redken products but it's fantastic that this really worked for you! :) I can definitely see the difference it's made in making your hair more smooth and sleek!

    1. This is the first product of theirs that I've used and if the rest of their range is anything to go by this product then I would definitely recommend it! They do collections for pretty much everything, here's the link to the product website if you're interested ( and thank you for reading! :)