Sunday, 30 December 2012

Winter Shopping

Hello Ladies (:

 Here's a new outfit post for you all. OH and by the way, there is no suitable place in my house (i.e no blank walls, no open spaces with natural light) which is why i'm taking photographs in my room, and I promise i'll get rid of all that stuff on my door in future posts because I know it's quite distracting! Right so, new outfit! I wore this out for shopping last friday, pretty effortless but still all snug and nice for winter.

I got the wool shorts from Primark, who had only had them in for a week before they reduced them down to £5 (originally £12!) so I took the chance to snap a pair up before they all sold! They've got a sweet little aztec type pattern on and comes with a brown bow belt.
  I've been trying to find you an alternative just in case you don't have access to a Primark or if they've sold out but I can't seem to find anything similiar. Aztec patterns are usually more readily avaliable in the summer seasons!

I'm wearing this beautiful flowered lace blouse over the top of a plan black, long sleeved Primark t shirt which I purchased for a stupidly cheap £2.00. 
I got this blouse as a gift for christmas from Sophie, so you'll have to ask her about price! However it's from a brand called Amber Krystal London which you can find in Ark stores and online. 

I've also found some lovely alternatives for you just in case you can't find this one (:

Mela Black Lace Long Sleeve Shirt- New Look£22.00 £10.00
Black Wet Look Lace Sheer Shirt- River Island £35.00 £20.00
Petites Chain Lace Shirt- Miss Selfridge £37.00
My tights are just some cheap boxed black ones from Primark and my shoes were a real bargain from Matalan! They're creeper like, in a sense that they have a platform but are ballet pump rather than the sterotypical creepers.
They also sell them in blue for £6.00 in the sale, and black with leopard in-soles and all over leopard print for £10.00.
Mine are also £10.00 but were shoved on the £6 sale rail so therefore got them for the reduced price!
Just a re-cap!
-Wool Blend Aztec Shorts- Primark £12.00 £5.00 
-Long Sleeve, Plain Black T Shirt- Primark £2.00
-Black Flowered Lace Sheer Blouse- Amber Krystal (ARK) Price Unknown, Ask Sophie!
-Black Creeper Ballet Pumps- Matalan £10.00  


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