Thursday, 24 January 2013

Spicy Winter Fragrances

I'm a massive fan of really spicy, oriental and musky fragrances and I think they're really suited to these cold and wintery months. If you, like me, always feel a bit run down in the winter and everything you try to wear, whether that be clothes or make up, seems tired then you should definitely fish out your darkest and most daring perfumes. Fragrances like the ones above really uplift my mood and make me feel sultry and grown up, which is always a bonus when you feel a bit deflated. 
The scents I'm about to review are some of my ultimate favourites, but as you all know frangrances are so hard to describe and smell different on everyones skin so these are just my personal opinions (: 

Midnight Poison by Dior 

I'll start of with my ultimate favourite of all time. I've been using this for absolutely years now, but I know it's not everyone's first choice. Midnight is an oriental scent which features notes of black rose, patchouli, amber and French vanilla. 
 For me, the vanilla, amber and patchouli scents are very predominant. It's spicy yet still slightly floral but gets muskier and woodier the longer you wear it. It's a very masculine fragrance, which is so ideal for me as it's what I love most, and it's not so sickly sweet which I find with most other perfumes. It's very long-lasting, both on the skin and in the bottle. I can still smell it hours after I've sprayed it and you don't need much, literally two spritz at the most. The thing I love the most is how indulgent it is to me and i'll forever use this. A very dry fragrance.

 Gucci by Gucci 

Gucci claim that Gucci has fruity top notes of guava and pear, heart notes (the main body of the scent) of Tiare flower with honey, patchouli and musk. Now I personally can't identify the guava or pear but I can tell you that the initial spray is SO sweet which I don't really like. What I do like is the way this fragrance develops over time into a dark and masculine scent. It's very woody and musky after the first hour, so if you have this I definitely recommend that you spray this way before you actually leave the house. It's a long lasting scent, I can catch it on me hours after I've first sprayed it and I really like what I smell. A very classic chypre perfume!

Belle D'Opium by Yves Saint Laurent 

The first thing i'll say about this is how pretty and elegant the bottle is, with its bright red wick. A good start, which then continues long after first use (not many agree with me though!) I think Belle is flagged as a 'floriental' fragrance but I would say it's completely oriental, there's only a really subtle floral scent when you first spray it. YSL have developed this with notes of Casablanca Lily, white pepper, jasmine and nargileh accord (like an oriental tabacco.) I do really like this, and I often pick up this over many others in my perfume collection, especially on a cold day/evening. It's instantly warming and is a very sexy and grown up perfume, and it also lasts for hours. Bonus. 

Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein 

This is the cheapest of my collection, I understand that the others break the bank a little so this is ideal as an afforadable option. It has top notes of plum, nutmeg and rose, mid notes of jasmine and orange blosson and finally base notes of cashmere woods, vanilla, burnt amber and Australian sandalwood. I would say this is a lot more modern than the others, probably a lot easier to wear day to day. This is a floriental fragrance, a lot more than Belle D'Opium and is a very romantic scent, the longer you wear it, the more floral it gets. It's quite a long lasting perfume and I really would recommend! I can't seem to find it at any department stores anymore, but do it for a lovely £21.95. 


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