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Garnier Moisture Match Freebies

Afternoon ladies (and gents!)
I'm probably one of many that are reviewing these bad boys as of late as Garnier are giving away LOADS of free samples, so if you haven't got your own yet then hurry! 
Moisture Match are a new collection of moisturisers that are tailor made to your skin, whether that be super dry, dull or oily. I don't know about you but I rejoiced that, finally, a company had latched on to the fact that not everyone has the same skin and made products solely to accommodate me.  

There are 5 moisturisers in total and they differ in skin type, texture and results. I got three samples in my pack which included Protect and Glow, Start Afresh, and Goodbye Dry. The remaining 2 include Wake Me Up, a gel that's meant to leave you fresh faced and hydrated, and Shine Be Gone, a lightweight cream that helps reduce that irritating glare because an oily face isn't a happy one. 

Goodbye Dry

This is tailored for those who have dry/ very dry skin. Unfortunately, this is me all over so it's the first sample that I used. 
What does it do? Pretty straightforward here, it's meant to hydrate super tight and flaky faces. It claims to work instantly, easily absorb into your skin and keep it watered for up to 24 hours after usage. 
What's in it? Camellia oil which is a tea seed oil and also Mannose. Mannose is a sugar monomer which helps prevent water loss, thus making this the perfect ingredient in this moisturiser for dry skin. 
The texture? This seems to be a massive selling point in the Moisture Match range and Garnier claim that Goodbye Dry is 'rich but non-greasy' and isn't heavy on your skin. Which would be pretty ideal, wouldn't it? 

What do I think? My favourite of the 3 samples, by far. It's a dainty pink cream that is, true, very lightweight. It smells absolutely delightful (think fresh!) and absorbed into my skin immediately. I put it on just before I went to bed and my face was still very soft and supple in the morning, which makes a change as it's usually as rough as sandpaper. I recommend this highly!

Start Afresh

Start Afresh is made for those who have normal to dry skin so I decided to this second as my face was feeling considerably better after using Goodbye Dry
What does it do? This is probably the moisturiser that's designed for 'everybody', as it doesn't boast to solve any major skin issues. It's one to use for the everyday.
What's in it? Ingredients include Blue Lotus extract and, again, Mannose. 
The texture? Pretty much the same as Goodbye Dry. It claims to be light weight, easy to absorb, and non-greasy. 

What do I think? Unfortunately, this was my least favourite. Firstly, I was put off by the overpowering sickly, sweet smell which I could still pick up on when I woke up in the morning. Normally I like to catch a whiff of my skin care/ perfume but I actually felt like I had been smacked in the face with a floral bouquet. Not only this but my face felt very, very greasy the whole time it was on. However, just because it wasn't suited for my skin, doesn't mean it won't be for you!

Protect & Glow

This is the one that I wasn't that fussed about using as I'm not a massive fan of 'illuminating' products. I fear they'll make my skin look oily! This is made for those who want to keep skin looking glowing but also protected.
What does it do? It claims to do just that really, it's also designed for 'normal' skin, which is another reason why I wasn't sure about using it as I definitely don't have normal skin. Claims to keep you looking healthy, radiant and protected. 
What's in it? Lemon extract and Mannose.
The texture? It says to be oil-free and 'extremely lightweight'.

What do I think? It's alright, but definitely not my first choice. Despite the claims, my skin felt a little bit heavy after using it so I knew that it wasn't for me. I also wasn't fond of the light reflecting pearls but I imagine it would suit someone of a slighter darker skin because it made me look like Casper The Friendly Ghost. It smells good though! 

Overall I like idea of Moisture Match, I also like the fact they sent me a variety of samples ranging from very dry to normal skin so I could decide for myself which was most suited for me. Obviously a lot of hard work and time have gone into developing these little treats and the devil is in the detail in every one of these moisturisers, even down to matching the pastel pinks, blues and lemon creams to the packaging. I like this, I like the detail. I will definitely be looking into purchasing Goodbye Dry after I've used up my current skin cream and I would really like to hear if any of you have tried the other two in this collection!


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  1. Great post! My samples haven't turned up yet, hopefully they will soon!x