Monday, 24 December 2012

Hoot Hoot

 Had a bit of fun with outfits last week, mainly because I got pretty excited about making our new blog! I really like the idea of layering which I experimented with a bit with mesh type batwing tops. The underneath top (which you can see a bit better in the photo under this) is from Topshop. I got it quite a few years ago and, to be honest I forgot I had it. It was in the sale for £5 I think, I can't remember how much it was originally. It's dotted with little gold pearls as well which breaks up all that black! The top over top is a little oversized and it's second hand, it doesn't have any wash labels so I couldn't tell you where it's from.  

  Mesh Under- Topshop/ Mesh Outer- Second Hand/ Jeggings- Next/ Shoes- Office/ Necklace- Own
I'm not usually a massive fan of accessorising but I felt like I needed to break it up a bit so I added a long chained owl necklace. My friend bought me it for my birthday a couple of years ago from her holidays, it also opens up a watch! You could wear this with any long necklace or chains but I like the owl, it's cute! 

 I teamed up my over sized, layered top half with skinny jeggings from next (£15). My top tip is if you're going to go big on top, make sure you pair it with slim fitted trousers/jeans/leggings or whatever you fancy, otherwise you'll end up drowning yourself in too much material. 

I've had my Doc Martens for absolutely years, I wore them for school so they're totally worn out but you could always swap them for something less bulky, like slipper shoes, for a less grungy look. (Docs are from Office (: )

There's some more photos and little details of the necklace on our tumblr site
go check it out (: 

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