Friday, 18 January 2013

Having a (not quite)spring clean!

Hello (: 
The thing I really love about sharing this blog is that time doesn't pass by with no posts which I imagine it would if it were just one us. Sophie has uni and therefore can't post every day and I'm at work at weekend, and go to visit my boyfriend sometime during the week. But because we share, there's always a time when the other one is free, so hopefully there will always be something to read. 
I've been feeling a bit ill lately, especially the past few days so this post won't be an outfit or a review because I just look terrible and all I want to do it be cooped up in some comfies and a throw. But I didn't want our readers to be left with nothing so I'm going to show you my newly cleaned bedroom which I was doing for the entirity of last week. Maybe it might give you a bit of inspiration! 
I do really love my room, and I've worked really hard to make it completely my own and draw from my personality, which I think it does for those who know me. I'll give you an insight to what it was like before I cleaned it, think 'Hoarders'. Okay, not quite that bad but I have an awful lot of stuff and it really bothered me to throw so much out but I'm glad I have now because it feels much less claustrophobic :) 

My feature wall is my favourite part of my room as of late. I got this absolutely beautiful dresser for my 20th birthday (from Homesense, sold as a one off) from my parents. I've been searching high and low for one for ages but I was never happy with the colour, the size or the drawers of any others so I pretty much gave up on finding the one but along came this beauty. My colour scheme is a cream/brown and black so it matches perfectly, especially with my wallpaper. Homesense (which sell the home collection in TK Maxx) sell so many of these and they're all so beautiful, so if you looking for one too then I would say that's your place. 
My fairy lights are actually some proper cheap ones from Primark, they're a real investment as they sparkle up even the dullest room! 

Left Giant Clock, Film Projector- Home Sense/ Black Bookcase- Argos. Top Right Tea Collection- Whittards/ Scarf- Gift. Bottom Right Dresser and Storage Box- Home Sense.
Vintage Style Vinyl Player & Radio- TG Hughes (which have all been closed down!) Lamp- Gift.  
All Storage Boxes- Home Sense/ Candle Stick- My mum gave me this after it had been in her room for a very long time, but go to Home Sense or TK Maxx and you'll be sure you find one just like it.

Wild Thing Canvas- Sophie painted it me!/ Carousels- I have no idea where these are from, I've had these since I was a very little girl/ 'LOVE' Sign- Home Sense/ White & Black Berry Lights- Clas Ohlson/ Heart Hooks- Home Sense/ Throw, White Pillow Case, Bulldog Pillow Case- Home Sense.
Left Mannequin Jewellery Stand- Home Sense Top Right Hand Jewellery Stand- T K Maxx/ Think Pink box- Lush/ Festive Fiesta Tin- Lush.

 Left Teacups & Saucers- Charity Shop/ Glass Bird Box- Home Sense Right Large Glass Candle Holder- A gift from my Rosie, but you can get them from anywhere that sells Yankee Candles/ Three Flower Shot Glasses- Charity Shop.
So there we are, a now very clean bedroom. I also sorted through every single drawer and all of my wardrobe so you can see why it took a whole week! 

My Tips
  • Always go to charity shops before you go spend big money, and search the shelves for little trinkets. I've found so many good buys from my local shop, including 4 cups and saucers and a milk jug (the little white ones with the gold flowers on, above) for something like £2! Not only are they lovely to look at, but they're so handy to stick all your little bits and bobs in, instead of leaving them around or shoving them in a drawer to go unnoticed. 
  • Keep your perfume boxes/ ribbons! Especially if you've got any Lush gift sets because they always take care in what they're products are placed in. My 'Think Pink' and 'Festive Fiesta' box and tin take pride of place on my dressing table because they're just so beautifully made and I don't feel like they're wasting space. 

  • Trowl through your local TX Maxx/ Home Sense store. I know the place looks quite daunting at first, there's so much in there and it's hard to find a place to start but it's so worth it. I've found such lovely looking ornaments and furniture, and they sell such an extensive collection of storage boxes to stick your stuff in. Affordable too! 
  • Be creative. If you can't afford to buy little bits to stick your stuff in/on then go and have another look around the things that are already in your room. I have so much jewellery so I tend to hang them over anything I can, from candlesticks to lamps. You could even fish out a spare coat hanger, hook it up somewhere noticable, and hang your necklaces off there. Always try and make a feature out of something that is actually quite mundane. 
  • And finally, personalise your space and make it completely your own! 


  1. I've always wanted a roberts radio! I'm also addicted to TK Maxx, swear I go there every wekeend lol!

    jade // jadebythesea

    1. I really love it, it's especially pretty when the top is up but I have too much stuff on top of it to keep it open! It's so good, have you been to Home Sense too?? xxx

  2. I love your room! I see a lot of styled bedrooms, and they either look too perfect(almost unrealistic) or dull. I feel like I can get a sense of your personality just throught your room! I just started following you both :) Check out my blog?