Tuesday, 15 January 2013

slept-on hair, sepia shadow & oversized everything

Hey guys! It's Sophie.

Here I am.

I think one of my favourite types of days is when it's really bright and sunny, but still all crisp and Wintery. Today was one of those days, so I thought I'd share my outfit with you! It's not quite as cold in Plymouth as it is in the West Midlands where I think they've had snow, I love snow but we've stayed around 6 - 8 degress down here. My outfit today kept me warm, but was a bit lighter than the massive parka and ugg boots uniform I've been in for the past few days due to the constant rain!

My trusty black leggings were around £8 from Matalan a while ago, they are stirrup leggings and this is why I love them, nothing is worse than leggings riding up my leg! My plain black suede boots are from Primark and I'm pretty sure they were £8 too, they go with everything and are really easy to throw on, except when it's been raining because they literally absorb all moisture within a ten mile radius and I end up with soaking feet :( 

I liberated this jumper from my mom's wardrobe a while ago, she's had it for a long time and doesn't remember where from. I love nothing more than being swallowed by huge chunky knit jumpers in the colder months so this oversized fit is perfect. 

 I usually wear my hair up during the day, and I don't think you can ever go wrong with a messy bun. I washed my hair last night and put it straight into a bun, slept on it, and this is pretty much how I woke up, I just bobby pinned a few stray bits into place. I find the best way to achieve the effortless look is to not make any effort :p

I recently watched a brilliant video by Pixiwoo on YouTube, talking about how the makeup trends forecast for Spring and Summer features a lot of sepia. It may be a tad optimistic to think that there's the faintest hint of Spring in the air just yet, but I love sepia and it was sunny so I gave it a try. I don't have a true sepia eyeshadow, but really liked the effect I got from an orangey, yellowey, goldy, slightly shimmery shadow in my MUA Heaven & Earth palette. Remember camel? I think I'd describe it as camel. 
Heres my face:

 I also wore a really thin line of dark brown eyeliner on the top, just to define my lash line (Black Brown by Elizabeth Arden) and a dark brown, almost black but not quite mascara (Astonishing Long & Rich Mascara from Avon, in Brown Black). My lipstick is Hue by Mac - the perfect light, pinky, nudey shade that's not too light, too pink or too nude, if you know what I mean!


 I wore my beloved £10 New Look boyfriend coat, as discussed here.


 And a thick woolly loop scarf to snug it up a bit! My bag was £16 from Peacock's and my mansized rose gold watch is Michael Kors. 

Thank you for reading! Love love loves xxx


  1. you are gorgeous, and what lovly hair and make up too!
    your newest follower,
    laura xx

    1. Thank you so much Laura!
      Going to have a nose at your blog now! :p

      Sophie xxx

  2. I'm from Plymouth but i'm at uni in the Midlands (it's sort of like we've swapped... but not really... haha i'll shut up now as that made pretty much no sense!) anyways, that coat is absolutely gorgeous, I can't believe I never spotted it in there!

    Sophs xx

    The Sopho Diaries

    1. Ooh we have swapped! I can't believe you wanted to leave Plymouth I love it down here lol :) which Midlands Uni are you at? Thanks for stopping by!! :) :) xxx