Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Outfit of the night - little black dress x

Happy New Year everyone!!

I'm back at my home in Plymouth now after one of the best Christmases ever in the West Midlands with my friends and family! I spent far too much time and money in Costa, at the pub, shopping, eating and drinking but I'm certainly not complaining - hope you all loved it as much as I did. 



 I'm also back at uni as of today, although I'm yet to get back into the swing of things as I think I spent more time asleep during my lectures than I did awake. Never a good start when you're sat directly infront of the lecturer and keep snorting yourself awake as your elbow slips off the desk... I also have deadlines this week and next (boo) but I thought I'd slip a cheeky outfit post in for you x

The flash caught my eyes in a really interesting way here(!) and no amount of editing will get rid of it, sorry! I also had my eyes closed in pretty much every single other picture I had taken, if you can ignore my face I think this one shows the shape of the dress quite well. I wore this outfit on New Year's Eve, not too in your face but you can't go wrong with a little black dress. Mine was £15 from Topshop a while ago, it has a vest style top, really tight on the waist and then flares out skater-style at the bottom, loved it so much I also have it in red.  I found this  one from Boohoo, pretty much exactly the same (although mine doesn't have a belt), even cheaper (£12!), and available in way too many colours to choose from. 

Maya Scoop Neck Skater Dress, £12,

My shoes were a recent investment from New Look (£49.99), as discussed here. 
 These ones on the website are almost identical, though the heel is a bit different to mine and they've crept up to £64.99 :(

Black (Black) Blink Black Platform Lace Up Shoe Boots | 263409901 | New Look
Blink Black Platform Lace Up Shoeboots, £64.99, New Look.

I was only off to my local pub so I didn't want to be over-dressed, I threw on a leather jacket similar to this one to relax it all a bit:

Kept my accessories simple with a rose gold watch from Michael Kors (21st birthday gift) and my lacy black clutch was also a gift.

Welllll thank you for reading, back to essay writing for me! Or maybe I should bake some cupcakes first, priorities.


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