Thursday, 10 January 2013

Snug As A Bug- Hooded Scarfs

I've been a big fan of the hooded scarf craze for a couple of years now, I got both of these above at least two years ago. I got the grey one from Primark for £8.00 but was discontinued after the christmas period but I've seen that recently they've bought them back in! They are pretty much exactly the same design and fit but they only colour that i've seen so far is a super bright orange which is lovely but unfortunately for me, is the exact same colour as my hair. Not a good look! They'll probably bring out new colours within the next few weeks, as the season progresses. My big-buttoned, lightweight grey cardigan is from H&M which I got several years ago!
The second scarf was a gift from my mum two christmasses ago from River Island. I'm unsure of the exact price but I know it was quite pricey, between £40-£70 I think. If you manage to come across one like this then I assure you its a great investment! It's so warm and cosy and if you, like me, suffer from ear ache in the winter from all that cold, then this really does the job to solve it. The outer layer is a really fluffy leopard print faux fur and the inside is like a big knitted jumper that comes in this really cute white and brown fairisle pattern. My cream, chunky cardigan is from a charity shop but was originally from new look.

I've tried to find one like this for you but I can't :(! But worry not, I have found some alternatives.
River Island are currently selling three variations of the hooded scarf, a gold and brown stripe one £28.00 £10.00, a black and grey ribbed stitch one £32.00, and a dark grey flower ears one which has been reduced to £12.00
If you wanted an animal one, then H! by Henry Holland do this adorable panda one. Complete with ears! 
Happy shopping beautifuls.


  1. I have a purple stripey one, thought it was just me who loved them haha! I especially love the grey one :) xxx

  2. Love the grey scarf, you hair is stunning too. So pretty x

  3. Love the leopard print one, it looks so warm and comfy!