Monday, 4 February 2013

Cheeky little haul

Hey guys! Sophie here, just thought I’d share with you a few bits that I’ve picked up over the past week or so.

Dangly gold and silver cross earrings - £1 each pair, Primark; 12-pack stud earrings - £2.50, Primark; Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail colour in Caramel Cupcake - £2.99, Superdrug; Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal pencil in Nude - £2.99, Superdrug; Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel - £2.99, Superdrug

I went to uni as usual last Friday and accidently came back with 4 new dresses. They’re all little black ones, and all 3 quarter or long sleeves which are perfect for the colder months. I was only going to pop into H&M just for a little browse (honest) but the following 3 dresses were on sale for £10 each – would have been rude not to!

Leather shoulder black shift dress - £10, H&M sale
Leather shoulder black shift dress - £10, H&M sale
Leather shoulder black shift dress - £10, H&M sale

This first one is a shift dress, meaning it hangs straight down from the shoulders. I absolutely love shift dresses as I like to pretend that it’s the 1960s. The visible silver zip at the back and leather effect patches on the shoulders give the otherwise plain style a bit of jazz – I will forever love leather and this is a flirty little nod towards it.  

I adore this next dress, it’s not what I usually go for but I’m so glad I did. Seeing it on the hanger here really doesn’t do it justice but here goes:

Black fitted dress - £10, H&M sale
Black fitted dress - £10, H&M sale


H&M black fitted dress - sleeve detail

It’s really low cut but balanced out beautifully by the long sleeves and the length as it falls to my lower thigh. It's very fitted, especially around the waist, but definitely isn't bodycon. I think this one’s an 8 – I’m usually a size 6000 in H&M as their clothes are always so inexcusably tiny, but I was lucky with this as it fits perfectly.

Lace shoulder shift dress - £10, H&M sale
Lace shoulder shift dress - £10, H&M sale

Another simple black shift, livened up a bit with the lace detail on the shoulders. This one hangs beautifully so it looks really elegant and pretty when worn. Ideal to throw on for an impromptu drink or two.

I picked up this next one thinking it was also on sale, it actually turned out to be full price (oopsie) but I really like it so I think it’s worth the £29.99 I paid.
Gold stud shift dress - £29.99, H&M

Gold stud shift dress - £29.99, H&M.

Another 3 quarter sleeve, high neck shift dress (are you sensing a pattern?) but this one has these pretty understated gold studs along the neckline. The reason I fell in love with this one was the back:

Gold stud shift dress - £29.99, H&M
Gold stud shift dress - £29.99, H&M

Can not wait to wear this with a messy bun to show it off!


Rimmel 60 seconds nail colour in Caramel Cupcake - £2.99, Superdrug; Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in Nude - £2.99, Superdrug; Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel - £2.99, Superdrug.

 I also slipped on a banana peel and landed in Superdrug.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal in Nude - £2.99, Superdrug.

This nude eyeliner has quickly become a staple of mine: bigger, brighter, opened up eyes with no white liner in sight? Yes, yes please. 

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel - £2.99, Superdrug

 I also got this Rimmel eyebrow pencil in hazel, as I needed a new one. Really liking this so far, the colour is excellent for me and it’s soft enough to go on easily but hard enough to last. The little comb on the lid is useful too although I do prefer a spoolie!

Rimmel 60 Seconds nail colour in Caramel Cupcake - £2.99, Superdrug.
  Loving Rimmel, also got this 60 seconds nail varnish in a nude colour (Caramel Cupcake). These are my all time favourite varnishes as I usually find doing my nails a real chore, I physically can’t sit still long enough for them to dry. These are really quick drying (maybe a little over 60 seconds), really quick and easy to apply due to the big flat brush, and you can usually get full coverage in one coat. I also find that these varnishes last quite a bit longer than others without chipping. You do need to work quickly with them though: the reason they are so quick to dry is because they are formulated so thickly.

I hate having bare or messy nails, so this nude is an ideal wear-every-day, goes-with-everything shade. Here it is on:


And finally I’ve got a few items of jewellery to show you. They’re all from Primark and amazingly cheap, I had to pop in after Jenn told me how good their jewellery is at the moment. She wasn't wrong!

12-pack stud earrings - £2.50, Primark; Silver dangly cross earrings - £1, Primark; Gold dangly cross earrings - £1, Primark

12-pack stud earrings - £2.50, Primark

Iwill never get over the fact that these 12 beauties cost me £2.50!! I’d just like to point out that Jenn got these first and posted them on instagram, so I feel a bit cheeky putting them in my haul, hopefully she won’t mind! I think I’m most excited about the little Buddhas and hands of Fatima.

Buddha and eye studs - Primark; Rose gold effect cuff - £2, River Island
I had my second ear lobe piercings done 6 weeks ago and today I was finally able to change the studs!  I went for the Buddhas and the little eyes, are these the evil eye sumbol, I'm not sure? I'm really wanting a 3rd one now but I'm running out of ear space! I got the rose-gold coloured cuff I'm wearing here from River Island in a set of three (gold, rose gold and silver colours) for £2!

Silver dangly cross earrings - £1, Primark

Also from Primark, I got these really pretty, dainty silver cross earrings.

Gold dangly cross earrings - £1, Primark

And I don’t usually wear gold (bar my beloved Michael Kors) but for £1 a pair I indulged!

That's all for now but I'm sure I'll have some more things to show you soon enough! Have you found any good bargains recently? Let me know!

Sophie xxx


  1. That nail varnish is such a lovely colour! And the dresses are all gorgeous, can't believe they were only £10 each, bargain!

    Sophs xx

    The Sopho Diaries

    1. I really can't get enough of nude at the moment! Thank you, I'm really pleased with all the dresses! :)

      Sophie xxx