Sunday, 3 February 2013

Don't Dream It, Be It.

As the title suggests, I went to The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday evening with Rosie, Maisy, Hannah and Rosie O and her pal, Phil. It was such a good time, and half of the fun came with getting ready for it! The show started at an awkward time at 5, so getting dressed up was a bit of a quick affair but I guess it didn't really matter what you looked like at the end of it, anything goes. 

I don't have too many photos of my outfit, like I said it was a bit of a rush getting ready, but I wore a mini, black, one shouldered playsuit from Topshop which I got a few years ago for £40. If you wanted a similiar one then click here (: I also wore a pair of lace leggings and black wedges which I got from Primark. 
For my hair, I simply placed it up in a bun and left my fringe down, simple! 

Above is all the products I used to achieve my make up. 
From Left to Right (Top-Bottom): High Lights by Technic, Shade 1 and Shade 11 by MUA Undressed Palette, 168 angled blush brush and 239 eyeshadow brush by MAC Make It Perfect Special Edition Brush Kit, POREfessional by Benefit, Sunset Glow Blushing Blush Blusher by Clinique, Velvet Wine Lipstick by NYC, Liquid Eyeliner, DiorShow Mascara by Dior, and Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation in shade 105/Rose Ivory. 

Eyes: To prep, I put a fingertip of Porefessional onto my lids, not only does this minimise my pores, it works as a great primer. For my eyes I swept Shade 1 from the Undressed Palette all across my lid and blended it all the way up to my brow bone, making sure it lightened the higher it got. I then patted Shade 11 into the crease of my lid and blended as much as I could and joined the outer of my eye to the top lash line to create a wing shape. I then brushed on a medium thick line of liquid eyeliner and then followed the wing shape I created with the eye shadow. I put on several coats of mascara on my top and lower lashes and penned a mini heart just under my left eye!

Nails: I got my nail wraps from Primark, they were reduced to 50p. They are orginally only £1 though so they're definitely a steal. This was my first time with nail wraps (I know, where have I been) so it was a bit of a fiddle to begin with but they're pretty easy once you get the hang of it. All you have to do is warm up the stickers in your palms, cut out the stencil that is a suitable size for your nail, take off the wrap and stick on as neatly as you can. My nails are quite slim so some of the wraps were way to big so I had to trim them, but there was also some abnormaly small wraps too but I can't make too much of a fuss for 50p!

Lips: I wanted a really dark eye/lip combo for the evening so I managed to bag myself a bargain earlier in the week. I got my first NYC lipstick from the local Lloyds Pharmacy for £1.49.
It's from their Ultra Lasting collection in 'Velvet Wine'.

 In the tube, Velvet Wine looks much of a coffee colour but don't be fooled! This lipstick is actually more of a deep bodied berry colour. 

So, straight away you can see this goes on a little patchy, but the colour is absolutely gorgeous and really pigmented. I've searching for my signature lip for ages and i've trowled through many pinks, red and colours but I think this is definitely the one. The dark wine coloured lipstick really suits my complexion and hair colour. Apparantly, this is an 'ultra lasting' colour. When I wore this on the night it did last all evening (I didn't eat or drink much though), however I've wore it since and as I've eaten/drank it's come off and left a sort of stain.
It's a matte lipstick, there's definitely no sheen or gloss that comes along with this lipstick but for £1.49, it does its job. But for a matte lip, it is quite silky instead of feeling heavy and cakey. 

 Application wise, I found it much easier to use a lip brush instead of just gliding it straight on because it is very patchy and it just needs some extra care to be blended in. I'm not going to compain too much though because it's a really inexpensive lipstick and it does what you pay for at the end of the day.

  • Stupidly afforadable.
  • Lasts on average 3-4 hours which is fine for a night out (just take it with you, just in case!)
  • Silky and smooth to apply.
  • A good dark lipstick for pale skin! 
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Transfers when eating and drinking.
  • Patchy, remember to blend in!
  • Isn't 'Ultra Lasting' and it definitely doesn't last up to/longer than 6 hours.
Overall I had a lovely, lovely night with my beautiful freaks and I can't wait to go again!


  1. This lipstick is such a nice colour! I've never been brave enough to try wine type colours but it looks lovely on you!

    Sophs xx

    The Sopho Diaries

    1. Aw thank you! You should definitely give it a try though (:

  2. Lovely blog! I've never tried an NYC lippy because I wasn't sure if being so cheap would mean rubbish colour, but that looks great:) xx

    1. Thanks sweetheart :) I thought so too and the quality definitely isn't the best, but I really lovethe colour. Maybe you could give them a try too :) xx

  3. I posted about roxky horror like 2 weeks ago it really is amazing xx