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The Liebster Award!

Hey guys! We’ve been tagged for the Liebster Award by the lovely Emily from  thank you Emily!!

The Liebster Award is for new and up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers, and it’s a really good way to discover new blogs and find out a bit more about the people behind them! We love reading things like this as we are so nosey.

The rules are:                                                                                       

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.

2. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you, plus create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
3.Tag other bloggers.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs!

Here goes!

Sophie’s facts                                                                                      

1)      I’ve been with my boyfriend for 5 years next May
2)     I HATE sweets with a burning passion, always have
3)     I have a permanent fixed brace on the back of my upper teeth (you can’t see it)
4)     I can’t cook L
5)     I have a terrible fear of spiders and being in deep water
6)     I went on a round the world trip for my gap year and I had a very special time
7)     I am an only child
8)    The most special place in the world to me is a little manor house in Woody Bay, North Devon. It epitomises idyllic English beauty and I’ve stayed there every single year, at least once a year, since before I was born (on my first visit I was literally a foetus)
9)     I’m really fascinated by parapsychology and anything paranormal
10) I lived in the same house in Sedgley all my life until I moved out when I was 19
11)   I’m so bad at thinking of interesting facts about myself and I thought this post might be a bit text heavy so I’m going to go completely wild and break all the rules and put some pictures in instead. I’ve seen people doing these instagram picture-diary type posts and I like reading them so you're getting a random one of those in place of my 11th fact:

#1 Maxin' and relaxin' with Elle and chocolate #2 I could finally change my second ear piercings last week wahoo  #3 I love you Kate #4 bargain earrings! #5 I am now a loyal Glossy #6 My weird cat eye #7 My hair is not red #8 Bella Italia and plenty of wine #9 Love this foundation so much

Sophie’s answers                                                                                 

1) What’s your favourite quote?
“Because our love came suddenly, savagely, like an actor of war, I cannot conceive a love that rises slowly, and subsides without a scar” – Grahame Greene

2) What’s your biggest dream?
My biggest dream is to be able to have my own house built for me one day, somewhere a bit out of the way where I can have a vegetable garden and maybe some chickens and be as self-sufficient as possible. I also want to have a little family one day J

3) Who’s your favourite author?
I love all the greats, obviously, but I’m going to say Audrey Niffenegger purely because of The Time Traveler’s Wife, I just really love that book and the way it’s written.

4) What’s your favourite TV programme?
I love the Antiques Roadshow and anything like that! (Really cool I know)

5)     Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?
Coffee in the morning and afternoon tea. Hot chocolate now and again when the mood strikes (Earl Grey all day every day)

 6)     Where would you most like to travel?
I’m really lucky and have done a bit of travelling, but there are still so many places I want to go! I think South America is next on my list.

 7)     What’s your favourite animal?
I really really want an Italian Greyhound puppy!

 8)    Fashion, beauty or lifestyle?
I think I’ll have to say beauty, but I love reading writing and doing all three.  

9)     Favourite shop?
I want to say House of Fraser because all of my favourite brands are in there and people to help you, but you don’t get harassed for sales like you do in certain other department stores, naming no names! If that’s cheating then Zara, I just love the way the stores are always laid out – it feels like you’re in a really expensive shop and the clothes are so pretty and really good quality but so reasonably priced! (I weeped for days after the Plymouth store closed down)

10) One thing in your makeup bag that you can’t live without?
This was a tricky one. I’m going to say eyebrow products in general because your eyebrows are so so so important! Even if I’m in a rush and do nothing else to my face I’ll always fill in my brows. If I had to pick a particular product, I’d say my Lush lip scrub in Mint Julips as my lips get so dry and this is so brilliant at removing the dead skin before I use any other lip products, not to mention the fact they encourage you to lick it off afterwards and it smells and tastes deliciously like mint chocolate!

11)   How would you describe yourself?
Happy, friendly, silly, loyal, forgiving, blessed, dependable, passionate, devoted, old fashioned, optimistic, naïve, affectionate.

Jennifer's facts                                                                                                                 

I'm the most boring person in the world so I apologise for the rubbish facts!
1) I'm 2o years of age & an only child, and have pretty much lived with my parents all of my life in the same little house in Sedgley.
2) I love, love, love to bake even though i'm not very good at it! 
3) My biggest fears are deep water (I can't swim) & birds. I hate birds, they're the worst.
4) I don't like drinking or being around drunk people as I've been in a few terrible situations where the inebriated are concerned
5) I can't stand sitting in silence, I need some sort of background noise or else I can't concentrate.
6) Having my hair played with is my favourite thing. 
7) I go to zumba classes
8) I get emotionally attached to tv series. First it was Lost, now it's The Walking Dead
9) I'm not a natural ginger. 
10) I can't stand being cold, so i'm not coping so well with this dreadful weather!
11) I ballroom danced for a large period of my life, albiet not very well. 

Jennifer's answers                                                                     

1) What’s your favourite quote?
I have quite a few actually. Firstly, although it's not technically a 'quote', the poem 'All that is gold does not glitter' by J RR Tolkien rings close to me. There are plently of Lemony Snicket quotes that are beautiful and true but I think this is my favourite:

‘I am going to give you a piece of advice… advice I wish I’d be told in guidance class back in high school, in between the dont-do-acid and dont-drink-and-drive films. I wish our counselors had told us, ‘When you grow older a dreadful, horrible sensation will come over you. It’s called loneliness, and you think you know what it is now, but you don’t. Here is the list of symptoms, and don’t worry- loneliness is the most universal sensation on the planet. Just remember one fact- loneliness will pass. You will survive and you will be a better human for it'- Douglas Coupland. 

Just because it's so true. 

2) What’s your biggest dream?
My answer is pretty much the same as Sophie's. I want my own little house, my own little garden, a place of my own to share with loved ones. I'd also like to travel, especially the more remote and beautiful parts of America. I will definitely feel more accomplished after that.

3) Who’s your favourite author?
Douglas Coupland, without a doubt. I have almost every single one of his novels and I adore every single one of them. My favourite book is The Book Thief though, written by Markus Zusak.

4) What’s your favourite TV programme?
There are programmes I watch every day without fail (come dine with me!) but at the moment it is definitely The Walking Dead.

5)     Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?
I love my morning coffee, I have a set of really nice flavoured ground ones so it's my go-to when I wake up. I drink tea all day after this. My favourite is Darjeeling and Twinning's chamomile and maple.

 6)     Where would you most like to travel?
I think I pretty much answered this in one of the questions above. I want to see Tennessee and Nashville and Alabama and all those places.

 7)     What’s your favourite animal?
I once saw a quote that said 'All you need is love... and a dog'.

 8)    Fashion, beauty or lifestyle?
This one is a hard one! I would have to say fashion as I believe that personal style is a really important thing to have in order to express yourself.  

9)     Favourite shop?
I would have to agree with Sophie on this one! I do love House of Fraser, I can spend hours in there. I don't think I have a favourite shop though, I have lots of go-to places for different things.

10) One thing in your makeup bag that you can’t live without?
Angels on Bare Skin, by Lush. It's a facial cleanser that does absolute wonders to my stupidly dry skin.

11)   How would you describe yourself?
I hate having to describe myself because I feel like I learn something new about myself every day but I would say that i'm definitely old fashioned and loyal. However I'm a bit of a worrier and i'm not always the best in social situations but I always try my best!

Our questions                                                                                   

1)      Where’s home?
2)     Your all time favourite song, and why?
3)     What made you start your blog?
4)     What’s the meaning behind your blog’s name, and how did you come up with it?
5)     What’s your favourite poem?
6)     What are your go-to makeup looks for day and night?
7)     One product you will always repurchase?
8)    If you could choose any decade to have been born in, which would it be? Why?
9)     Have you ever had any strange or recurring dreams, or one that predicted something that happened to you?
10) How would you describe your style?
11)   What’s the most precious thing you own?

We tag anyone reading this that wants to give it a go, let us know in the comments section if you do it! We also tag the following beautiful people:

We enjoyed doing this so thank you again Emily for the tag! We hope you enjoyed reading and that you all do it too and let us know so we can be nosey and read your answers!

Until next time

Sophie & Jenn xxx


  1. Thanks for doing this, and it was my pleasure to tag you :)
    This was so interesting to read (I am also a nosey one ahaa) you girls are such amazing people :)

    1. Aw thank you! We really enjoyed doing it :)

      Sophie xxx

  2. Hi guys! Thanks so much for nominating me! Have a look here for my answers! :D

    1. You're welcome Lettie! Ooh gonna read yours now! :)

      Sophie xxx

  3. lovely blog girlies, i really love your blog title, it's awesome! I'm a new follower of your blog, and you can check out and follow my blog if youwish at

    Tata, Leah at Amour,la fille. xo

    1. Thank you Leah! Thanks for the link, gonna go and have a look now :)

      Sophie xxx

  4. Really interesting finding out more about you both :) Thanks for the nomination!! :) Your questions are really good, so its a shame I did this recently aswell! :( haha

    Aimée Xxx

  5. Thanks so much for the nomination! Sorry that it's taken me about five thousand years to actually do it! But heres my answers and things!

    Sophs xx

    1. You're welcome!! Haha that's okay, gonna have a read now!

      Sophie xxx