Monday, 29 April 2013

Mani Monday & Jungle Fever!

Hello (: Jenn here! 
We're really sorry about our lack of posts lately, we've both been stupidly busy so you'll just have to forgive us for the time being. 
Got a double whammy for you today, with a nail polish review (it's Manicure Monday!) and a quick outfit post which I haven't done for ages because the weather is so messed up ): 

Today our manicure comes in the form of Sinful Colors, an American brand which Boots stores all over the UK have now claimed. I've never heard of this brand or of their collection before so after spotting this absolutely lovely shade, and after seeing they are only £1.99 each, I was quick to grab it. 

 The colour of this caught my eye immediately, I don't have many greens in my own collection but this looked very refreshing and fit for spring. This one is called Pistachio and is slightly more vibrant than these photos suggest. 

  • It's £1.99 and the bottle is quite big so you're getting a lot for it. 
  • Highly pigmented, needs 1-2 coats (2 is really pushing it though)
  • Dries reasonably quick, give it about 5 minutes. 
  • I've done loads today and it still hasn't chipped, yay! 
  • Quite a gloopy consistency, so you have to make extra effort to wipe off the excess before applying. 
  • Leaves slight track marks but it's quite easy to fix so that's not a massive issue. 

I really, really like this nail polish and I like it even better because it's so cheap and it doesn't lack in quality which most expensive brands seem to. There are 70 shades in the Sinful collection and they all look beautiful. You can find them here or at your local Boots store. Go, run! 
I also mentioned at the beginning of this post that I have a look for you, but it's just a really quick one (: So, it's stopped snowing (finally!) and the sun is starting to come out, kinda, and I can now go out without wearing my biggest coat which makes me very happy. 

Leopard print batwing t shirt- Topshop 
Jeggings- Next
Brown leather boots- River Island

Brown leather jacket- New Look

Alright, so it's not warm enough to go out completely without cover but my favourite leather jacket does the job perfectly. (I also wore it in this post!)
You can find it here in brown and mink for only £39.99. 

Have a lovely day (: 


  1. I bought that Sinful colours nail varnish! they have great colours! I Find they take an age to dry though!
    I love your blog :)

    Kat x

    1. They do some lovely colours :) oh, that's a shame!
      Aw thanks Kat, happy reading.

  2. Love your Boots so much :) they look like they would go with soo many outfits!
    The Nail Polish is super pretty too!

    Lovely post - New Follower

    Love Em, from