Monday, 15 April 2013

Mani Monday! Nails Inc 'St. James'

I've got quite a love/ hate relationship with Nail Inc, here's why. Their average bottle is about £11, right? That's pretty standard for a high-end nail varnish these days and I wouldn't mind paying this in the slightest if the quality matched up to price but I just find that it doesn't. I'm not a pampered princess, I don't (and can't) sit around the whole day doing absolutely nothing, so I'm quite hands on. I have found with every Nails Inc polish i've used that it chips at the most mundane of things, like washing up for example. This isn't good enough for varnish over a £10 (I personally don't even think that's good enough for anything over £5!) 
But anyway, I got St James free in a magazine quite a while ago and the colour is divine. This is where the love for this brand comes from, as all of their shades are beautiful. So, throwing my issues aside for the moment, I thought I'd give this a go.  
  • Every girl should have this shade in their collection. It's just the perfect red, end of. 
  • Glides on without any problems. I'm quite a messy one when it comes to applying nail varnish but this went on with 3 swipes of the brush, without any of it going on my fingers.
  • Highly pigmented. I've only applied one coat on all of these photos, it doesn't need any more.
  • Because of the above, you don't need to use a lot so you get a lot of the bottle. 
  • The smell isn't overpowering. I hate walking back into the room where I've just painted my nails and being hit with a cloud of varnish toxins and this doesn't happen at all. 
  • You know that rant I had at the beginning of this post? Well I was totally justified as, yet again, it chipped. Instantly. I let it dry completely and I even applied a top coat and the second I put my hands into the sink to wash up, it chips. 
 It's a shame because I love this colour, it's one of my favourites out of all my nail polishes, which I why I continue to use this. It also helps that this was free, and I didn't pay £11 for it. To say I have polishes that I payed £1 for that stay on for days before I see any sign of damage proves my point about the quality of Nails Inc. 
I would love to know if any of you have the same problem as I have! 


  1. pretty;) red is always a great color to have:)X

    1. It is! Red is like, the essential colour.

  2. I love red nails! I think they are just so bold. This is a great color, wish it didn't chip so fast! xx Rena
    Kiss and Make Up

  3. agree with you on the pigment thing, goes on well but OH the chipping :(

  4. I just tagged you in my most recent post!