Monday, 14 January 2013


It's been so cold the past few days, especially with the arrival of all this snow! I'm really not a fan of it, it's for difficult to get places because the buses just stop running (even if it's not bad!), it's wet, and it's especially horrible when it starts to melt and it's just grey sludge. But alas! It will not stop our plans so we must go on. 

My outfit today was quite a snug one, which seems to be a running theme with my last few looks. 

The knitted rollneck dress is actually a really dark navy, not black, and has horizontal blue glitter stripes running through it. It's so comfortable and lightweight as it's not a heavy knit, but a very thin one. It was from River Island several years ago so I can't remember the price exactly. My cardigan is from a charity shop, orignally from H&M. I really love the collar to this, it's so cosy and it looks really nice with a jacket as it hangs over it beautifully. 

My tights are some cheap woolen ones from Primark, which are also very comfortable and for two pairs for £4 I think you should all invest in some. 
My tan bag is from Matalan, also from a few years ago and my boots are suede and so lovely and warm! I've had them for literally years and years, so long that the brand has worn off so I don't actually know where they're from! 


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