Monday, 14 January 2013

Dior Diorshow Mascara in Black

I discovered this after I got it free when I purchased the Midnight Poison fragrance and I then completely forgot I had it for quite a few months. I did rediscover it a couple of weeks ago after giving my room a proper clear out and I literally haven't used any other mascara since. 

It's a mini, but the packaging is exactly the same as the full sized bottle. I quite like the design of the tube, it's simple yet effective but I can't help think that they could of done a bit more for it considering the £23.00 price lable. However, It's pretty much the nicest looking thing in my make up bag, so I can't complain.

The brush itself is pretty big, so sometimes it's a little difficult to apply neatly and I have found at times that I've got to have a make up wipe on hand, just to clear up to excess off my lids and underneath my lower lashes. It's especially tricky to get it on my inner lashes, where they're smaller and finer. I don't know if this is just because of it being a mini version, and I couldn't say if the same goes for the original.
Dior say that it "gives lashes a triple-shot of glamour, leaving them luxuriously thick, lengthened and curved to the max." 

Eye before mascara. Please excuse my horrible dry skin.
Eye with one layer on mascara. Eyelashes are noticably longer and appear slightly fuller.
Eye with two layers of mascara.

It's a great product, because it actually does what it says it will. My lashes were left looking considerably longer, thicker and actually curved my outer lashes which is quite an achievment for me as they are usually very fair and straight (no curl at all to my bare lashes).
As of yet, I've not found another mascara that has done this so effortlessy (literally glides on), or quickly for that matter. I've always found that i've had to put 4859509 coats of whatever it is on before I got to this stage so I'm really impressed with this one.
 I did find that the mascara clumped a little after the second coat but I think this might be down to that massive brush and I've read that changing brushes solves it immediately (even though I shouldn't have to for the price!) This is only a minor con though, as you really don't need any more than 2/3 coats of it. I do really rely on this now, and I would definitely, definitely recommend it! 

  • Cute, simple and sophisticated pacakaging
  • Glides on effortlessy 
  • Makes eyelashes longer and thicker
  • Curved my stupidly straight lashes 
  • Doesn't irritate my over sensitive skin, especially underneath my lower lashes. 
  • Stays on for hours, I found that it didn't flake like most I have tried.
  • I don't have to scrub eyes to get it off at the end of the day, comes off with remover pretty easily.
  • This could be a pro or con so i'll put it at the end, the black is very dramatic so if this is what you want then absolutely great but if you're worried it's too much then Dior also do it in 'Chestnut'. I imagine it to be a bit more subtle and maybe more appropriate for everyday use.   
  • For me, the brush is a little too large making it slightly difficult to apply neatly and to my inner lashes. 
  • Clumps ever so slightly (!) after a couple of coats. 

 I will definitely be getting this again!

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