Saturday, 12 January 2013

January Wish List From Jennifer.

From top left- bottom right
Brown Tortoise Shell Bracelet Watch- River Island: I've already got a watch. To be fair, I have quite a lot of watches. The one I currently wear is also from River Island, and it's a wrap around tan coloured one but I think this big, chunky (almost mens looking) watch is the way forward. Also, at a cheap and cheerful £28.00!

Beige Structured Leather Tote Bag- River Island: I've been wanting a new bag for a while now as the ones I use at the moment are getting quite battered. I never really vary from shades of brown and this cute little tan coloured one (I wouldn't quite call it beige) will do just the trick. I know that Primark do a pretty similiar one, but at a slightly lighter shade and also for £12 instead of £70!

Jeffrey Campbell Gene Ankle Boot in Leather and Gold- Office: I adore these. However, at a pricey £105 I probably won't be buying them but a girl can dream!

White Blouse- H&M: Every girl needs a clean-cut, basic blouse in her wardrobe. I did, and then I misplaced it. So here's to the new addition! 

Black Taped Ruched Hem Trousers- River Island: Read the above, but change the word 'blouse' to 'trousers'. My old slim-fit, black trousers are no longer slim fit and I wear them to work but these ones are so sophisticated and are totally worth the £28.00 price tag.

Dior Diorshow Mascara in Black: I don't know what I'd do without this now, end of.

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell: I've been wanting to read this for a while now, even more so when I saw the trailer for this mind-boggling story. I'd try and explain it to you, but I don't think I can get my head around it quite yet.

Models Own Glitter Nail Polish in Bluebelle: I've been wearing so many reds and golds lately, mostly for the christmas period so I wanted a change. I love this bright blue colour pop!

Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer SPF in Shade 1: I recently got my make up done professionally by Clinique (a lovely gift from our Sophie!) and I just a bit concerned about the heavy foundation on my poor, dry skin. However, after explaining to the make up artist about my problems, she showed me this. It's absolutely amazing for dry, flakey skin as it's not an actual foundation but a tinted moisturzer. It went on like a dream, and I shall be purchasing this very soon.



  1. I really like the boots.


    1. They're lovely aren't they? I can't justify paying that much though! However, I did get some from River Island, on sale for £30 :) xxx